Best Recipe Apps for cooking

Here are the list of Best Recipe Apps
for cooking

Cooking is not rocket science, but learning how to cook like a pro is not easy. And in this era of the internet, when almost everyone is a chef without a degree, you can’t remain behind. YouTube is a good option for learning how to cook, but it has a vast range of videos, and you can get distracted easily. For proper concentration and proper devotion, you need something informative and not distracting at the same time. And for this, the best option is recipe apps. And here, we have created a list of some best recipe apps, a replacement for grandma’s cookbook. And these apps are better than those books with written recipes in it in many ways. As it has cooking videos, through which one can have a better understanding. And these apps have digital shopping lists and tempting photographs of foodstuffs.

Some of these apps have created a community, too, through which people from all around the world can share recipes and many other useful features.


  • Recipes from all around the world, from the random food blog or even from YouTube cooking video, this app will collect all of them. This app has a built-in browser in it; you can navigate too many different recipes and save them into an easy-to-read recipe that will allow you by clicking a single button. It’ll separate ingredients and methods, and it has an automatic shopping list built-in. It is available for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.

BBC Good Food

  • There is no recipe you can’t find on BBC Good Food. These recipes are tested and approved by the pros. The comments on those recipes will help you avoid mistakes if you’re new to cooking. Recipes can be saved to a personal binder, which is accessible offline too, and everything comes with instructions in plain English. There’s an Alexa feature for when you can’t use your hands. And the best part is that it is free. It is available for iOS, Android.

Kitchen Stories

  • Kitchen Stories has been in existence since 2014; it was launched as a kind of combination of a recipe book and cookery-themed YouTube channel. Almost recipes are from Kitchen Stories’ chefs, with the extra care of using lesser ingredients for making simple dishes. Even if you’re en route for groceries, you can add the ingredients to the app’s shopping list anytime. It is available for iOS, Android.


  • Tasty has given itself the title of the world’s largest food network, and it has approximately four billion YouTube views and counting, so it has the potential for the title. The app has hundreds of recipes, focusing on community, with each recipe receiving user-generated ratings and a tips section for recommendations. The app has a filter for your tastes too. It is for Tasty calls itself the “world’s largest food network,” and with over four billion YouTube views and counting, it’s undoubtedly got a claim to that title. It is for iOS, Android.


  • The essential task is deciding the menu. And yummy is very helpful in this. Once you’ve navigated the setup process, which asks you about your choices and liked cuisines and your least favourite foods, it then searches its recipe suggestions to your answers. The app is more personal than the more common ‘vast cookery book.’ It is available for iOS, Android.

You can choose any one of these apps according to your requirements. And as said, cooking is no rocket science, it is not easy to cook like a pro, but it’s not that difficult when you have such guides and teachers.

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