Charm of social media in Nepal

social media
Social Media

Viral development of communication sector is one of greatest achievement of this 21st century. With the invention of Advanced Research Projects Agency Network in 1960s (Funded by US Department of Defense), Internet has been evolved. In 4th February 2004, Facebook (a social network) has been developed by Mark Zuckerberg and his team at Harvard. Later Twitter, what’s App, Viber and many more social networking site has been evolved.

In Nepal, Nepalese people has already started to use all these popular social Medias. Most of the youth in cities area started spending most of their time on social media. People get connected with each other, they can share their opinion either by status on Facebook or Tweets on Twitter. They share each and every moments of their life through social media. There can be advantages and disadvantages of these mediums, the real truth is people started engaging on these mediums.

Most of the Nepalese use Facebook as it is popular for sharing photos, feelings, thoughts and one can create group of people on Facebook and start discussion on any topic. Even, people can chat in Facebook at free of cost.

Twitter is another popular social media in Nepal. Most of the Nepalese youth use Twitter to share their thought as Tweets. Here people can follow their favorite celebrities and get latest updates from their favorites one.

Recently, Sagoon (a Nepali social media) has been launched in Nepal which has aim of spreading throughout the world.

Similarly, Google plus, LinkedIn, Pin Interest, etc. are the social media which are used in Nepal. 

As, many Nepalese get engaged on these social Medias, the business houses in Nepal started searching their potential customers on these Medias. They started making websites, making Facebook profile, making Google plus profile, making Twitter profile and so on. Even online shopping sites started getting popularity.

Thus charm of social media in Nepal is really impressive.

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