Creation of Private Network

Creation of Private Network

Virtual Private network is a connection across the public network using encryption technology for transmitting and receiving data. VPN makes the packets secure as they travel through the public network.

Virtual Private Network

Required Hardware:

VPN-enabled Router –This router delegates traffic on a network. Here the features of routing traffic are added using the specific type of protocols in VPN.

VPN-enabled Firewall – This firewall protects the network traffic entering in the network. Specific protocol is used to manage traffic.

Description of the protocols used by the Private Network:

IPsec Protocol: It is a protocol suite which secures Internet Protocol (IP) communications. It authenticates and encrypts each IP packet of data stream. The disadvantage of IPsec is that it is expansive and time consuming.

 PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol): It is the most popular and widely supported VPN method among the Windows users. PPTP is faster and is available for Mac and Linux users as well. The disadvantage of PPTP is that it does not encrypts each packet of data stream.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer): This protocol is used to restrict the access to specific application in a website.

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