Data Protection Issues

Unauthorized access:

Gaining access to the network by unauthenticated user makes the leakage of data. So, all the staff should be trained for preventing unauthorized access of data.

 Untrained users:

Lack of proper training to the users about the importance of data and data protection plan, there can be leakage of data.

 Weak password:

Weak password such as dictionary word, easily guessable password makes easy for unauthorized users to access the network which may cause data leakage.

 Use of unauthorized application:

 The malicious content inside the unauthorized application may cause the data leakage. So, only the authorized application should be used in the system.

 Poor access control mechanism:

If all of the types of users are given full control over the data then there will be security threat. So, the access control mechanism should be made according to the type of user.

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