Importance of Social Networking platform for business

Social Networking platform:

In context of Nepal social media is popular form of e-business. Social media can be the best option to reach the massive audience.  Facebook is the most popular social media among the Nepalese people. People can order products through social media. Normally, people order products either by calling on the customer service department or directly by asking the products and leaving phone no for order confirmation on social networking platforms. Massive audience reach is the main reason of using social networking platform as e-business technology to support the business.

Social Networking platform is taken as most important technology which can give better results in comparison to website. In context of Nepal, there are more social media users. It is necessary to reach the potential customers which can be easily found in social networking platforms.

SNP helps to meet the objective of the organization. The ultimate goal of the organization is to increase the sales. People can order directly through social networking platform and hence sales can be increased.

Gain valuable customer insights

Social networking platforms generates insights on real time customers. These platforms helps to understand the customer behavior, interest and their thought on brand of the organization.

Run targeted ads

One can run ads targeting to particular group of people. Targeting can be made according to age group, geography, interest, gender, etc.

Provide rich customer experience

Most of the customers expect the organization to be in social media so they could get service from there. Hence, customer’s loyalty can be increased by presenting in social networking platforms

Increase web traffic and search ranking:

One can direct maximum traffic to website through social Medias. There is also chance of ranking higher in search engine. The more share in social networking platforms, the more chance to rank higher in search engine.

Share content faster and easier:

Social Networking platform takes no time to make any content viral. As soon as the content is published, it will be circulated to all the fans and followers. Thus, these platforms helps to share the content faster and easier.

Build relationship with customer:

Social Networking platform is not blasting company’s sales pitch on social, it’s a channel where there is opportunity to enrich relationship with customers. Organization can show its love and care for the customers on those platform.

In term of supporting the strategic objectives of the organization, Social Networking Platform is superior technology than Website because of the following reasons:

  • One can share content faster and easier in social networking platform rather than website. Sharing content through social networking site is easier with no any complex process. Human resource with less technical knowledge can share the content through social networking platform. Whereas in website, technical knowledge of CMS is required to share the content.
  • Customers can express their thought about the brand of the company through social networking platform. So that further decision can be made as soon as possible. Whereas there is limited scope of having dual interaction between customers and organization through website.
  • Social networking is a two way interaction where customer and the organization can interact with each other in faster and effective way. Whereas website is a one way interaction where organization display the product information to the customers.
  • Social networking platform helps providing reach customer experience. Customer’s aspects to get service through social networking platform. Whereas there are less number of customer service expecting service through website.
  • Shared content can be reached to massive people through social networking platform within few minutes. Whereas people need to browse the website to view the shared content through website.

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