How Google find the exact web pages which match your query?

Google Search Technique
Google Search Technique

When you search on Google, a list of search results will be presented. There can be question, How Google find the exact web pages which match your query?

Let’s overview an example:

Imagine you are searching for a topic in a large book. What will you do? Simply you will check the index to determine the topic you are looking for.

Similarly, when google search is performed, the program checks the index maintained to determine the relevant search result.

Now let’s discuss on the processes while delivering the relevant search result.

  1. Crawling
  2. Indexing
  3. Serving


It is the process of adding new updated webpages to be added in the index of google. Billions of webpages are crawled by google every day. Certain algorithm are used to determine which site to crawl, how many pages to fetch form each of the websites.


The information in the contents, titles and Meta descriptions are used to index the website.


While serving the result to users search query, the index for matching the webpages is searched and relevant result determined by Google’s algorithm is shown. There are different factors determining the relevancy out of which page rank is one of the most important factor. The webpage having higher page rank are given higher priority by Google’s  algorithm.

Thus, the above information should be taken into consideration by SEO experts while doing SEO of any website.

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