Power of social media

Trump vs Zukenberg
Trump vs Zuckerberg

Did you know the power of social media?

What if I say US President Donald Trump was elected as president of United States because he played well with existing social networking sites?

Similarly, What if I say Narendra Modi was elected as president of India by utilizing the social media?

In US election, all the surveys resulted in the favor of Hilary Clinton’s win. But at the last minute the result was twisted as there were several fake news in social medias which was against Hillary Clinton.

Similarly, Narendra Modi seems popular in social medias during the presidential election in India. There were several buzz in social media in favor of Narendra Modi. Finally, the result was in his favor.

So, what if the existing social networking platform biased by changing there algorithm in favor of a particular person or institution? These platform can change the thought of millions of people.

So, Is Mr.Zuckerberg more powerful than Mr.Trump?

(It is completely personal thought.)