User Authentication Methods

Authentication Method
Authentication Method

There are different types of authentication methods. Lets discuss about those different authentication methods.

Multifactor authentication can be used to ensure the accountability of the users. Using two or more than two types of authentication in a system is multifactor authentication.


It is the common and widely used authentication method. Only the authorized users who     knows the security key can access the system.

Fingerprint scanning

It is one of the biometric authentication method where finger prints are used to identify and validate the authenticated users.

Smart Card

Smart card allow nurses getting information about the old people and give proper treatment according to the requirement.

Iris Scanning

It is one of the biometric authentication method where the pattern in the colored area around the pupil of the eye is used for identification of uniqueness.

Face Detection

Visible spectrum and infra-red spectrum are used to record heat signature of face.

Speech Recognition

It can be more useful in authenticating the blind users. The speech of individuals is recognized by the pattern of speech.

Writing signatures

Writing pattern is matched in this type of authentication method. It is used in authenticating the signatures in cheque.

Typing patterns

By measuring the way of typing password via typing speed, interval time between individual characters, a user is authenticated.

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