Local Dishes to Taste while visiting Nepal

Nepali food
Nepali food

 The most beautiful things about Nepal culture is Nepalese Food, which is against the popular belief. They have a large number of dishes that are a blend of unique mouthwatering flavors. Nepalese cuisine is influenced by its neighbours India, Tibet and China. Nepalese cuisine is supposed to be healthy. The common dishes involve lean curries, salad, soups, vegetables, salads, pickles, and curd. And the ingredients are coriander, tomatoes, chillies, garlic and mustard oil.

Dal Bhat

Dal Bhat is the leading Food of Nepal. In dal Bhat, vegetables or chicken or meat curry and lentils soup is served along with rice. Daal Bhat is the most beloved cuisine amongst Nepalese locals. And the reason for this is the presence of overall all the required nutrition in one time.


Small packed envelops of all-purpose flour with stuffed veggies, chicken momos. And these momos are served with different types of soups or sauces and mayonnaise, adding more taste to momos. This Nepalese cuisine is being famous in India and other south Asian countries as well.

Sel roti

Sel roti, the fusion of bagel and donought is famous among Nepalese people, especially during festivals like Dashain or Tihar. Sel roti is a circular rice bread of rice flour fried deeply. It is sweet and crispy and tastes the best with veggies or yoghurt.

Bara or wo

It is a type of pancake. It is made with green or black ground lentil batter. And this made specially in a Newari festival, Sithi Nakha. For snacks, these light Dal patties and perfect. Battered egg or minced chicken can be added in these baras for non-vegetarians.


 It is prepared from rice dough and stuffed with a sweet paste of sesame seeds, molasses and coconut, Yomari is a sweet dish. It is a specially made only during the Yomari Punhi  festival. For thanking Gods for a good harvest, this festival is celebrated each year in the winters. In Kathmandu, this dish is very famous. You can also find spicy yomari made with lentil at some places.



Dhindho or Dhido, samosa, gandruk, gorkhali lamb, juju dhau, chatamari, thukpa, Samay baji, choila, tongba, these are some other Nepalese cuisine. Along with all these Indian snacks are also served here like Pani puri, jalebi, and lassi and many others. Not the only Nepal, any place you visit, you must try some of the famous cuisines of that place as visiting different sites with different cultures and not trying their mouthwatering cuisine will be an injustice to your taste buds. And you must not forget to test any single dish from the above list.

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