“Lumbini” – Birth Place of Lord Buddha

Lumbini, Nepal
Lumbini, Nepal

The country, Nepal, has lots of hidden treasures which are still unknown. And Buddha is one of the most followed spiritual figures worldwide. Buddhist monks and his followers follow his teaching wholeheartedly.

The birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama, who is also known as Buddha, is Lumbini, according to the Buddhist tradition. Lumbini is in the Terai region of Southern Nepal and is very close to the Indian Nepalese border. The beauty of this place never fails to attract people from all over the world, irrespective of their religion. Reaching Lumbini is more comfortable because of the Gautam Buddha Airport at Bhairahawa. For promoting the beauty and uniqueness and making it easier for the tourists, construction work is going on for hotels in Lumbini apart from the airports.

According to many Buddhist sources, Maya, Buddha’s mother, went into labour pain at Lumbini while travelling from Kapilavastu to her parent’s home. And it is said that she didn’t feel any pain during parturition while standing between twin Sala trees. The most surprising belief was that the baby spoke this was his Final rebirth immediately after his birth and took seven steps to the four cardinal points and with each step a lotus flower sprang forth. The divinities washed both Maya and her child. And this started a religious ceremony where people bathe the baby Buddha while celebrating Buddha’s birth. Maya died seven days after giving birth to the Buddha, according to many Buddhist sources. Later on, And after experiencing the suffering and pain of the poor people, Buddha left his luxurious life. Later, Buddha found enlightenment. Now, Buddhism is one of the most followed religions.

Ashoka pillar

One of the most fabulous followers of Buddha was Ashoka. In the devotion towards Buddha, Ashoka built a large stone pillar with inscriptions.

Maya Devi Temple

This temple is dedicated to Maya, Lord Buddha’s mother. There is an iconic Bodhi tree here, famous for its meditation and prayers.

Puskarni pond

This pond is where Maya bathed after giving birth to Buddha and Buddha bath for the first time in this pond. And that’s why it has great importance for followers of Buddhism.


Sacred Garden and Gotihawa are some other famous places in Lumbini. The direct linkage between Buddha and Buddhism is a place named Lumbini. This beautiful place is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The beauty and greenery attract many tourists. Being related to Buddha, this place has great importance for the followers of Buddhism. And not only Buddhists, but people from all other religions come here for peace and introspection.

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